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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sneaking Buckybase data into Google Spreadsheets for Fun and Gadgets

Google Spreadsheets can visualize data with an armada of gadgets.

And its importHtml formula can import Buckybase data – simply by parsing the Buckybase HTML table:

(Here's the published spreadsheet.)

As described previously, I've put a couple of albums into Buckybase.

Using the "show these fields" button I display only the location and title of each album:

That's the Google Maps gadget's input format: two columns, 1=address, 2=label.

Now I use the page's URL in the formula =importHtml("", "table", 1) in the first cell of a new spreadsheet:

And it automatically fetches and parses the data:

Then I Insert > Gadget..., choose the Maps gadget and I'm done:

(Here's the published spreadsheet.)

What's more, Google automatically reloads the data continuously (every couple of minutes or so).

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