News from Buckybase, the hypermicrodatabase by Manuel Simoni.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Buckybase: The Next Generation

A plan for the next Buckybase.

Links are searches

A link (e.g. Hello world) leads to a search results page.

If there is a "very exact" title match, the matching page is displayed prominently.

Multi-device synchronization

Central server + 1 mobile phone + 1 laptop (usually).

One device is primary for prolonged periods (phone while on the road, laptop at home).

Before switching primary device: sync with server! (No need for diff/merge.)

Smart clients, dumb server

Cycles to burn on the client.

Server is basically a stupid "network fileserver" (for now).

Before starting work, client needs to download all files into local store (Gears SQLite).

Data model

A file consists of a headers dictionary and a binary body.

Required headers are ID (unique, numeric) and Content-type (MIME). Title is optional and not required to be unique.


All the good stuff from Buckybase Classic: Linked data, simplicity, social views, data export, ...

And: privacy, workgroup sharing, ...